Wishing Everyone A Happy Chinese New Year 2013



Wishing everyone another great year of Good Health and Fortunes.

Wishing all who celebrates this Wonderful Christmas A Happy Merry Christmas… let us all experienced a memorable moment in this day

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Deepavali to all who Celebrates with Joy

Wishing All Muslim a Happy Ramadan

Ethnic & Religious Celebration Dates

This is a place to provide information regarding each World Ethnic & Religious Celebration Dates.

We value and respect each Ethnic, Religions and Differences. But our objective are same, that is to reduce mankind sufferings from diseases. Because diseases does not choose who we are… they infect as much as they could for unexplained reasons.

We wholeheartedly share the Joy and Happiness on each celebrations dates conduct by each Ethnic & Religions based on their believed.

May all mankind live in a healthy way as they wish for as long as they can as mother earth and/or Gods is given to us.

The source of each celebration dates were obtain from

Diversity Calender

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