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Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka Research Scientist on Beta Glucan.

Everyone need it during Healing Diseases with Alternative Therapy.


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What is the best way to prevent mosquito dengue to infect your family;

What is the best way to prevent mosquito dengue to infect your family;

Never used the attracting device to kill mosquito, this will only increase the present of mosquito in your home.

Never used the mosquito repellent, this will only increase its populations.

Never used the mosquito spray inside to the house, the chemical killing mosquito will also be harmful to human in prolong exposure.

Used the only Traditional Method of controlling mosquito populations in your home, that is…

The Mosquito Coil, I used Ridsect with d-allethrin, of which been used in Africa to prevent Malaria Disease.

First, it kill mosquito without attracting mosquito from else where, it kills only those living around your home that pass by the burning coil area.

Since it is highly poison in nature… it can only be place outside your home area, never place in an area that family members are frequently moving over when the coil is burning.

Burn one coil each evening day until you get less biting from mosquito in your home,

Once you feel your home is having less mosquito biting, burn once or twice a week will be sufficient to control mosquito population around your home and provide safe living.

This mosquito coil is so cheap and effective. When everyone do it, the Dengue or Whatever Transmitted Diseases Danger the mosquito can carry will be minimized so much.

Another way to improved living that Authority is forgotten.

Hope this help you!

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It has been years this site has not been updated with new informations.

The reasons was that I am too busy with my work and study to improved my knowledge that I hope will served mankind who has no resources to solved their health issues.

Whatever health issues you had that need an experienced alternative practitioner advices can now submit your request to me.

There is fee base charges for the answer one seek. We only charge when there is real quality answer could be given to you to solved your concern.

We sell no products for healing.

We want to empower every individuals to take charge of their own health by giving the best informations to solved your concern.

We want the conventional medical to come up real healings for mankind and not selling diseases Maintainence solutions where by making people sufferings.

Note: We are not training a new practitioner here, we guide one to solved their own health issues.

We cover so wide range of health issues knowledge that we have known is proven.

Contact me if you want to know if your health issues is fill with great hope of reversing it or not. Time for differences in health management.

A Man Claims to Have Not Eaten or Drank Any Liquids For 70 Years. Science Examines Him

Is it possible for us to survive with no food and water? Doctors are trying to determine that as they are baffled by an Indian man who claims not to have eaten or drank anything for the last 70 years. What is even more shocking? He is in perfect health.

Prahlad Jani is a local to the Indian city of Ahmedabad and is claiming he has not consumed any food or liquids since he was 8-years old. He also claims to have been blessed at the age of 8 by a goddess. This allows him to survive without sustenance except for that which he derives from the practice of meditation.

From April 22nd until  May 6th 2010 in the private hospital Sterling Hospital, Prahlad Jani was observed and tested by Sudhir Shah and a team of 35 researchers all from the Indian Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) and other organizations.

The large team studied Jani daily using clinical examinations, blood tests, and scans. 24 hour CCTV surveillance was used to ensure the maximum observation of Jani’s actions during the testing period. According to researchers, the only time Jani was taken out of his sealed room was for tests and exposure to sun. During these times, continuous video recording was done to ensure authenticity of results. Jani only had contact with any form of liquid when he had an occasional bathing session, which first took place on day 5, and when he would gargle some water. It is important to note that his toilet was sealed to test his claims that he did not urinate or defecate.

After the fifteen days of intensive observation during which Jani did not eat, drink or go to the toilet, all medical test results came back as normal and doctors described his health as being better than someone half his age. Interestingly, doctors reported that although the amount of liquid in Jani’s bladder fluctuated and that Jani appeared “able to generate urine in his bladder”, he did not pass any urine. The reported levels of Jani’ leptin and ghrelin, two appetite-related hormones, suggested that Jani may be demonstrating an extreme form of adaptation to starvation and water restriction.

Even after the 15 day examination, DIPAS is still interested in running tests on Jani to determine how metabolic waste material is eliminated from his body, where he gets his energy for sustenance, and how he maintains his hydration status.

The director of DIPAS believes that the results of Jani’s observations could “tremendously benefit mankind.” Professor Anil Gupta of SRISTI, involved in monitoring the tests, described the team as being “intrigued” by Jani’s kriyas apparently allowing him to control his body’s physiological functions.

Most people can live without food for several weeks, with the body drawing on its fat and protein stores. But the average human can survive for only three to four days without water. How is Jani able to achieve what he is achieving? Some believe that his access to bathing allowed him to store liquid in the body. Since the observation did not go on for longer than 15 days, some believe he might have eaten or drank after.

But Jani is not the first person to be tested with such claims. HRM, another Indian man, was tested for 411 days intensively after he claimed that he did not eat any food. While HRM did consume boiled water, during his 411 day observation it was confirmed that he did not eat during the period and yet his health was perfect.

To me this is exciting because regardless of the current science we accept when it comes to the physiology of the body, we are seeing that we may not have it all correct and that it is possible to change the consciousness of our body to operate differently. Having tried sungazing for several long periods myself, I can attest to the fact that you certainly get energy, and what feels like nutrient energy, from the sun alone. While sungazing, I found I could perform physical activity with much more energy than I could while eating healthy meals. Of course I cannot say my results are conclusive as I did not do them for long enough, but it’s my experience on the matter.




Truth about Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola

Information obtain from source

Anyone with digestive problems could improved it by drinking pepsi cola (best) coca cola (ok)

In short, coke can be used to improved/aid digestion. Drinking it on small amount daily after food by an age people is a good practice. Try it in the smallest amount like 10ml after food to see if it is enough, if not increase to 20ml or up the level until you find your own level needs to improved your digestion will bring no harm to your health.

Nowadays, many age people will have a reduce gastric juice in the stomach of which will increase their chances to increase diseases. So improving one digestion is indeed a good practice.

Again anything one is taking overly is bad for health.

312 Meridian Exercise

A good Exercise for People over Forty – 312 Meridian Exercise

All of us have heard about the benefit of physical exercise, but when it comes to what is the right exercise, everyone has his or her own opinion.

In my opinion, a good exercise should be safe for the practitioner, easy to learn and practice, affordable for most people, able to fit in different schedule, environmental-friendly, and most important, proven effective. I believe I’ve found one. That is 312 Meridian Exercise. Safer than Yoga, simpler than Taichi, 312 Meridian Exercise is easy to learn and practice. No special equipment required, 312 Meridian Exercise can be practiced at anytime and anywhere.
As its name implies, 312 Meridian Exercise consists three parts: three acupoints massaging (HeGu, NeiGuan, ZuSanLi), one abdominal breathing, and two legs squatting. Because of the belief in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that most diseases are a result of blocked meridian, 312 meridian exercise is designed to stimulate, and thus unblock the blockage. Abdominal breathing is a simpler form of Qigong. It not only brings relaxation, but improves blood and lymph circulation. As for leg exercise, you can choose jogging, walking, rope jumping, or dancing, but bodyweight squat is probably the most effective way. What five minutes of bodyweight squat could achieve probably require twenty minutes if you choose walking.
If you want to learn how to practice, you can watch following video. The commentator in the video uses Mandarin Chinese. I’m thinking of adding English subtitles to this video, but I need a helper. If you have some time and a heart to contribute, please contact me. No Chinese language require, but it’s better if you’re good at expressing different body parts.

Qigong : Natural Health Benefits

The ancient arts of wellness in Asia came from the two largest countries with the longest history of civilization. China and India. India gives us the Yoga. China brings us Qigong. Both yoga and qigong share the same principles of wellness, by harnessing the energy flow through proper breathing and by exercising the body. Both qigong and yoga enhance our natural well-being; they give us the natural health benefits without any side effect. Once we learn them well, we can continue to practise without having to spend an extra cent. The best natural health activities are actually FREE. These are nature’s gifts to all of us!

There are three fundamental pillars to good health and general well-being. They are healthy diet, physical exercise, and mental stability. If our mind is not at peace, our whole system will not function well, even though we may have good diet and have done our exercise. There is this “qi” or energy flow that pervades our whole body. If our mind is not stable, the flow of “qi” will not be smooth. In due time, the whole body immune system will be affected, thus inviting sickness. In qigong practice, the body is exercised, while the mind is concentrated on the breathing. There is synchronization of the physical movements and breathing. However, there are many qigong styles that do not emphasize on this synchronization. Nevertheless when one practices the movements, breathing becomes relaxed, and with this, the mind is relaxed too.

The most famous of all the qigong is Tai Chi. I would say in China alone there are millions practicing Tai Chi every morning! There are many forms of qigong ranging from the very static type to the very graceful dance form. I have practiced at least 6 types of qigong.

Meridian “3-1-2” Qigong : The Most Suitable One

Here I like to share with you a very simple and easy type of qigong called the “Three-One-Two Meridian Technique.” Take your time to watch the Youtube presentation. Although it is in Chinese (Mandarin) there is no problem following the simple instructions as shown. Very briefly, the “Three” is about the 3 pressure points. (Remember to do both sides.) The “One” is the abdominal breathing technique. And the “Two” is the 2-step leg bending exercise.

I have my own peculiar way of practicing this qigong. While doing my “business” in the toilet, I do the “Three” and after my shower, I do the “Two.” Then when I go to sleep, I do the “One.” (LOL) Hahahahaha!!!! That is why I said this qigong exercise is so simple and easy, and very versatile too.

You can practise this meridian 3-1-2 qigong to suit your schedule and lifestyle. Don’t let the practice be a hindrance to your lifestyle. After all we want to live a happy and healthy life; so we must adopt a simple and easy way to fit this meridian 3-1-2 qigong to suit our daily program. In this way we will enjoy practising the meridian 3-1-2 qigong.

Take your time to view these “meridian 3-1-2 qigong” videos, and then you must make an effort to practise them. Remember, it’s FREE. What you need is to spend a little time at your convenience!!

I wish you good health; and success in your search for the type of qigong that suits you. I am sure this Meridian 3-1-2 Qigong is the most suitable one!

CAUTION : Someone out there trying to deceive you!

Do not be fooled by another commercial website which sells the DVD under the guise of another name by using a different set of 3 numerals!

Remember; this Meridian 3-1-2 Qigong method is ABSOLUTELY FREE for you to practise in your own privacy, without any condition attached, because it is Nature’s gift to all of us, and in accordance with the creator’s vision to spread it to the whole world!!


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