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Earthing / Grounding Testimonial 5

Good news to share. we just got feedback from our buddy that sold her the grounding mat. Earlier she have some difficulty on her breathing1, just after a week of doing Grounding, said the breathing are back to normal. This is a great improvement, without taking any other medicine, she can recover fast.



Here you will find the report about Constipation using our guided methods.

The numbers of comment shown above means that the numbers of cases that we had been handling.

Low Testosterone (Low-T)

Recently we do a test on a guy in the Mid 30s claiming  that he had a very low Testosterone level in his body. At first, he used a guide by his doctor and proved to improved his Testosterone level. But that last for short term effectiveness only and then he will need more of the Testosterone Drugs to be effective.

Knowing that long term usage of such a drugs may not benefits his body, he began to find a natural way to improved his Testosterone level. After some deep researching by himself, he found some natural extracts mixture to be used.

According to him, after he take it for about 6 month, he begin to feel his Testosterone level begin to back to normal and he said he is now having a satisfied family life using this natural extract mixture found by him.

Yesterday, We are using our Body Analysis System to check if what he said about his Testosterone level, we found out that it is true as the reading is now back on normal level.

He even told me that his friends in the late 30s also benefits from it by using about 22 days period to feel the improvement.

Now anyone wishes to improved the Testosterone level, we can help forward your request for you to met with him to discuss further.

From now on, we really encourage everyone who is on any natural healing to come forwards to test your body with us to see if what you have been diagnosed by doctors had been improved using whatever natural healing material if the report is generate by our Body Analysis System. By using Body Analyzing System, we take out the guessing word and therefore it may serve to help others who had similar diseases.


Detoxification Method for Everyone.

We are now providing the Detoxification Methods that can help everyone to feel healthier and prevent falling ill easily.

Who is suitable to use our Detoxification Methods?

  • Those who want a simple healthy body.
  • Those who want an edge in this competitive world to stay active to achieved greater achievement in career.
  • Those who want to clean out toxic accumulate in the body due to long term usage of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Those who want to benefits more from taking the natural supplement because only the cleaner internal body will absorbs more nutrients from the supplement intake.
  • Those who want to improved it body to better cope with stress.
  • Those who always feel somethings is not right in self but did not able to know what causing it and doctors does not able to give an acceptable reasons.
  • Those who already have some kind of diseases and wish to try new detox methods to see if there will be some improvement.
  • Those who is a smoker.
  • Those who are easily getting an infections.

Note: Our Detoxification Method is suitable to all ages including those with pregnancy and babies.

Those with Serious Constipation or regularly getting Heats in the body will have our effective solution to solved it. We believed our method are the most effective one will get. It is very best for child that easily get constipation or easily accumulate heats in the body.

Anything we are not stating can call us for an appointment to discuss.

To contact: Call Rev. Master Cai – 019 441 5535 (consultation only available in Penang)

Infertility by Men or Women

Here you will find the report about Infertility by Men or Women using our guided methods.

The numbers of comment shown above means that the numbers of cases that we had been handling.

Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Sex Hormones

Here you will find the report about Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Sex Hormones Diseases using our guided methods.

The numbers of comment shown above means that the numbers of cases that we had been handling.

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