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Monitoring Immune System as Diseases Prevention.

After long research with some qualify personnel in the field of medical. We have come to some basic conclusion to prevent most diseases from happening is by monitoring our

Full Blood Counts.

Healthy body does not need changes in the Immune System Functioning. As when it happen, it is basically already informing us that there is some imbalances that need special care or a healing was indeed needed.

If a person can act accordingly from this observation, we believed even Cancer and all serious diseases can be prevented easily.

To do that, you will need to supply us as much Full Blood Counts test report you could have or you can start to provide us your Full Blood Counts test report for every three months (if you feel you are not so healthy or already know you have a known diseases) or more but with a minimum once a year Full Blood Counts test report (if you like it as a diseases prevention move).

We are willing to assist you on this outcome advice for FREE.

Send your report to dps@


What Really Mental Illness Means

In fact, there is really nothing concern about Mental Illness for normal peoples. It is simply a sign of diseases begin to build up or the body function fail to function properly and make ones looking like having some kind of mental illness. It is an Early Sign of up coming diseases.

Health Monitoring Device is now available in Penang.

We are now having Health Monitoring System to check below conditions up to 85% accuracy as stated by Manufacturer.

Basic Device Screen

Analysis Items

01- Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

02- Gastrointestinal function

03- Liver function

04- Gallbladder function05- Pancreatic function06- Kidney function07- Lung function08- Brain nerve

09- Bone disease

10- Bone mineral density

11- Rheumatoid bone disease

12- Blood sugar

13- Basic physical quality

14- Human toxin

15- Trace element

16- Prostate

17- Male sexual function

18- Gynecology

19- Skin

20- Endocrine System

21- Immune System

Sample of the report generate by the system.
22- Breast
23- Vitamin.
24- Amino Acid
25- Bone Growth Index26- Eye

27- Heavy Metal

28- Allergy

29- Coenzyme

30- Element of human

31- Pulseof heart and brain

32- Channels and collaterals

33- Sperm and semen

34- Menstrual cycle

35- Gynecology

36- Comprehensive Report Card

We believed we can even set it price to minimum of RM15.00 per analysis. Is a great tools for checking healing progress from any alternative healing one is currently using. All this scanning technology will not induce side effects or harming our health.

Although it is not a certified medical device. It does serve many positive cautions against any healing one is currently using. It can save time and life.
So Prevention and cautions is always a good practice.
To arrange for the analysis: Contact Rev. Master Cai MH 019 441 5535.
Do read the comment inside for more information.

Want to know if your health is going better or worst?

An important offer to all that believed in us, we will be obtaining an important health diagnostic device which is highly technical and advance in technology to detect the suspected many types of diseases which can be in the very early stages of development.

Base on our groups experiences, it can even detect early HIV development… it has been seen correct in detection so far….

There is the story of a man that get the HIV reading and found to have HIV positive after two months when he go for HIV Test in Hospital.

This device is also useful in seeing any kind of healing progressing from one chosen therapy be it from doctors recommendations or from alternative healing therapist… It can save the person time from using UN-effective therapy and/or if the healing has made the situation worsen…

This device is estimated to be able in our hand about 2 to 3 months time due to the device available stock.

In the mean time, we would like to offer an opportunity to our Friends, FB Friends, Our Blog Visitors and Our Customer from Penang and all the near by states of Penang that may have an opportunity to benefits from using our diseases detection device by making a one time contribution of RM500 per family towards this device purchased.

Basic Device Screen

The contributor benefits will be;

*Free health analysis using the device for him/her, son/daughter and parents for lifetime usage even when we are doing a repurchased for an upgrade version of the device in the future, if we have enough fund to buy it again. We believed this device can last many years before the need to change it.

Once this device is available, whoever wishes to analyses their health conditions or to know their healing progression,

We will charge: RM50 for each report obtained per person.

Our vision here is to provide an affordable options for maybe poor people to know their health conditions using whatever chosen healing therapy they believed in and to prevent waste of time spend in non effective healing treatments.

As a contributor of this projects is not only saving you some money for the unlimited free test service for whole family but it is also a way for you to help those maybe too poor to be able to have a good health analysis services available for them.

Currently, the best health detection device would be used by Hospital is MRI or CAT Scan… We believed everyone know how much it will cost for regular updates about one health condition..

Although we can never guaranteed the device accuracy, but we have enough feedback to believed the device does help a lot in decision making, be it to continue the same healing treatments or find a new options of treatments without wasting any time available as time is too valuable when comes to diseases matters.

For readers knowledge: This device we are going have is not a device that everyone can own and use it… one will need to learn all it technical readings and charting so that one can know how to interpret it base on the report the device is generating.

This device does not required any chemical lotions or drugs for it to work out a report. It is as simple as holding at the device analysis objects and wait for the electronic analysis to complete the report using the provided computer software to process the data obtain from one body. There is no laser scan or whatsoever that could harm the person from frequent usage.

Those that can become contributors of this device, can send private message to me…. support our project to help improved your whole family health and to help the poor to have rights to know more of their health conditions.

The reason we are offering you this is that, this device is not cheap at all…. if our fund cannot meet the point when stock is available, we will have to postpone the purchased to later time until we have enough fund to buy it. If there are too many fund obtained from contributors… we can plan for other good used of it of which will benefits peoples in need so does to our contributors and family.

Early Sign of possibility getting a Cancer

If you find yourself suffering from any or all of the following symptoms, you may had a chance to develop cancer (The more symptoms you had as below the higher the chance you may get cancer):

The list of symptoms stated below did not verified by any professional from the medical fields but it does not mean that you should not used the information as your own understanding and research purpose. You may check with people you know who develop cancer to know their past history if the stated symptoms below does occur in then or not before they know they got cancer…. the more you ask the more you will know… we do not have to believed anyone….. if you got the answer… you can share with us by simply email to us…..

Major Early Cancer Sign & Symptoms; Cannot Exceed 30% or 4 Symptoms

1 Abdominal Pain occasionally
2 Fatigue
3 Bloating, Gas, Indigestion
4 White Coating on Tongue in the morning / White spot in the tongue or mouth
5 Join Pain – Not easily healed with arthritis treatments.
6 Weight Gain – Very resistant to diets
7 Fungus fingernail or Athlete Foot
8 Confusion / Dizziness occasionally – feeling stressful in life or works
9 Urinary / Kidney / Bladder Infections not easily healed with antibiotics
10 Red and/or Itchy Eye – Hard or long or slow to heals
11 Skin Diseases – Rashes, Itching, Acne, Fungus / Yeast problems
12 Depression / Mood swing without aware / randomly / occasionally
13 Craving for Alcohol, Breads, Rice, Flour stuff & Sweet stuff
14 Fluctuation in Blood Sugar level, recover from Diabetes without healing
15 General Feeling of Discomforts – unable to know what is wrong

Secondary Early Cancer Sign & Symptoms; Cannot Exceed 30% or 6 Symptoms

1 Hormones Imbalance
2 Chronic Constipation
3 Numbness
4 Nite Sweats
5 Tingling Sensation in face
6 Diarrhea Occasionally
7 Ulcer Problems
8 Nagging Cough
9 Earaches or Ear Infection
10 Leaky Gut Syndrome
11 Sinusitis / Clogged Sinuses
12 Canker Sores
13 Migraine / Headache occasionally
14 Persistent Heartburn
15 Sore Throats occasionally
16 Asthma / Allergies
17 Heart Problems
18 PMS Thrush
19 Bad Breath – hard to heal
20 Colitis Problems

Additional Early Cancer Sign & Symptoms;

1 Female Disorder – Sterility, Fibrosis, Pregnant Problems, Vaginitis
2 Male Disorder – Protatisis, Impotence

If anyone interested to own this Free diagnostic chart to keep track your health healing progress… pleases send your request by email to me at dps@

What is an early signal for Serious / Suffering Diseases?

1. High Blood Pressure
2. High Cholesterol
3. High Uric Acid
4. High Sugar Level
5. Skin Diseases
6. Lack of Energy
7. Overweight
8. Irregular Heart Beats
9. Acidosis Symptoms

10. Body Tightness / Stiffness / Back Pain

11. When one is feeling of heats  or headache when takings any kind of Nutritions or Vitamins.

12. Sleep Disorder.
13. Constipation.
14. Too much or Too Less Urination.
15. Numbness hand and feet.

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