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Information obtain from source

Sunscreen. Many popular sunscreens contain ingredients known to spur the growth and spread of skin cancer cells, which defeats their stated purpose of preventing skin cancer. Even worse, the FDA has allegedly been aware of this critical information for the past ten years, but has done absolutely nothing to warn people about it.

Only 7.8 percent of the sunscreens tested have been deemed “safe and effective.” The other 92.2 percent, which represent hundreds of sunscreens on the market today, contain one or more ingredients known to be harmful to health, a shocking figure when considering their widespread use.

Sugar. It has long been known that cancer cells feed on sugar and that those with cancer should reduce their sugar/simple carbohydrate intake. Today Americans are swallowing 22 teaspoons of sugar each day or about 100 pounds per year. One can of soda alone has 39 grams of sugar (8 teaspoons) – thank you Pepsi and Coca-Cola. No wonder so many Americans suffer from cancer.

Common and Medical Radiation. CT scans are associated with increased risks of cancer, yet patients are not warned of the danger. Exposing a child to the nuclear radiation from two or three computed tomography (CT) head scans can triple the risk of developing brain cancer later in life, according to a 20-year study. The study also found that a child exposed to the cumulative radiation of between five and 10 CT scans is three times more likely than an unexposed child to develop leukemia.

Likewise, dental X-rays raise brain cancer risk. A study involving 1,400 cancer patients found that patients who reported having yearly bitewing exams (dental x-rays) were up to two times more likely to develop meningioma.

Mammograms cause cancer by exposing the body to ionizing radiation that can be 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray, which we know poses a cancer risk.

If a woman follows the current guidelines for premenopausal screening, over a 10 year period she would receive a total dosage of about 5 rads. This approximates the level of exposure to radiation of a Japanese woman one mile from the epicenter of atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki.” … [In] a study by Dr. Robert M. Kaplan, the chairman of the department of health services at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles… they found 22 percent more invasive breast tumors in the group who had mammograms every two years compared to the group who had just one mammogram over a six-year period.

Following on the heels of recent revelations that X-ray mammography may be contributing to an epidemic of future radiation-induced breast cancers, in a new published in the journal Cancer July 1st, 2012, reports that radiation treatment actually drives breast cancer cells into greater malignancy.


Chemtrails containing toxins such as Aluminum and Barium are being sprayed into the atmosphere daily as one of the most blatant tools of the depopulation agenda.

Therefore, the air we all breathe now contains Aluminum and Barium particles that should not be there. Particle pollution can increase the risk of heart disease, lung cancer and asthma attacks and can interfere with the growth and efficiency of the lungs.

About Microwave Ovens

Information obtain from source.

Microwave Ovens. Nearly every home has a microwave oven to quickly heat or cook food. Yet many studies conducted throughout the world have repeatedly highlighted the deleterious effects of microwave ovens on human health. In fact microwave ovens are so dangerous that they were banned in Russia from 1976 to 1987. Twenty years of thorough research by Russian scientists convinced them that the dangers of the devices outweighed the benefits in cooking time.

A recent experiment showed that microwaved water given to a plant causes the plant to wither and die within days; however, another identical plant given water that was boiled on a conventional stove grew normally during the same time period. Therefore, microwave ovens likely alter and destroy your food as well.

Test it yourself… the best answer than listen or reading an article…..

About Mercury

Information obtain from source.

Mercury. Mercury in any form is poisonous, with mercury toxicity most commonly affecting the neurologic, gastrointestinal (GI) and renal organ systems. Poisoning can result from mercury vapor inhalation, mercury ingestion, mercury injection, and absorption of mercury through the skin.

It has been shown that mercury rapidly depletes the immune system. Mercury has also been shown to induce auto-immune diseases. Anything that depletes and disturbs the immune system will increase one’s chances of contracting cancer.

Vaccines. Vaccines are perhaps the ultimate soft-kill weapon that the global elite use against humanity.

Mercury (as Thirmerosal), Aluminum and Formaldehyde (a known carcinogen used for embalming) have been used as a preservative in child-hood vaccines and are still present in many flu shots. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies linking vaccines with cancer and neurological disorders such as Autism.

The infamous soft-kill operation known as the Polio vaccine (1950s – 1960s) delivered the SV-40 Cancer virus to millions of Americans and preceded an explosion in cancer rates. Brave whistleblowers like Doctors Bernice Eddy and Sarah Steward were told to shut-up and ignored as the soft-kill operation was released to the public.

Top Merck vaccine scientist, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, openly admits the presence of deadly SV40 in Polio vaccines . The SV40 Cancer Foundation provides additional research and information.

Meanwhile, the Polio vaccine is still used against unsuspecting citizens of third-world nations.


How much do you know about it..

ChemTrails could be a real health problems than car exzos carbon dioxide…. learn it while it can…


Japan Nuclear Blast Radiations

The USA Warship has detected Radiation from the Japan Nuclear Blast yesterday. Read below link for details.

Since our groups study Diseases as well as Toxicity, we have received some information regarding on how to protect yourself from this Nuclear Radiations.

The Chemical that could help on this Nuclear Radiation is called as

Prussian blue” The USA Defense has a stock pile of this chemical to counter any chemical disaster. For further knowledge of this chemical, please read on Wiki

Here below will tell you where is this chemical was being use by us most of the time…

The name of the Brands called “Mrs. Stewart’s ® Bluing -Standard of Excellence since 1883” it is a Laundry Whitener.

Over the years, Mrs. Stewart’s ® Bluing have had many reports of:
MSB being used in fish tanks and fish ponds
MSB being used in bird baths
MSB being used by farmers in drinking watering troughs
MSB being used by pet owners in their pets drinking water
Since 1883, Mrs. Stewart’s ® Bluing have never received a report of a sick or dying animal
as a result of using MSB in such ways.

Mrs. Stewart’s ® Bluing cannot recommend it for ingestion. You are “at your own risk” in using it in this way.

To have more knowledge of this chemical in time of urgency, We recommend reader to google and learn more about this chemical if you may or have risk of getting the effect from this Japan Nuclear Radiations.

Prussian blue’s ability to incorporate monocations makes it useful as a sequestering agent for certain heavy metal poisons. Pharmaceutical-grade Prussian blue in particular is used for patients who have ingested thallium or radioactive caesium. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, an adult male can eat at least 10 grams of Prussian blue per day without serious harm.

In the very near future, many may get Cancer from this effect as many believed that this radiation leak could be in the Air we Breath for a long time.

130 -170 rads it would be unusual for those levels to exceed 130 CPM. Thus, the “Alert Level” for the National Radiation Map is 130 CPM, so if you see any Monitoring Stations with CPM value above 130, further indicated by an Alert symbol over those stations, it probably means that some radioactive source above and beyond background radiation is responsible.”

GET SOME–Potassium Iodine(KI), sea kelp OR zeolite

The Fallout will travel according to the trade winds…
80-120 rads – You have a 10% chance of vomiting and experiencing nausea for a few days.
130 -170 rads – You have a 25% chance of vomiting and contracting other symptoms.
180-220 rads – You have a 50% chance of vomiting and having other severe physical effects.
270 or more.. -330 rads – 20% chance of death in 6 weeks, or you will recover in a few months.
400-500 rads – 50% chance of death.
550-750 rads – Nausea within a few hours; no survivors.

1000 rads – immediate incapacitation and death within a week or less.

If you have an iodine supplement, *(even kelp), take it immediately at a maximum dose and be prepared for fallout across North America in three days to seven days, lasting indefinitely.

1. What is potassium iodide (KI) and what is it used for?
If there is a radiation emergency at a nuclear plant, large amounts of something called radioiodine could be put into the air. This could hurt your thyroid gland, or even cause thyroid cancer later on. You could breathe in the radioiodine or eat food that has some radioiodine in it. When you take the KI pill, it protects your thyroid gland from being harmed.

2. How does KI work?
When you take the KI pill, it fills your thyroid with a kind of iodine that prevents your thyroid gland from taking in any of the radioactive kind of iodine.

3. What age group has the highest risk from exposure to radioiodine?
Young children have the highest risk. We have learned this from looking at children in Russia and other areas who were exposed to the radioiodine from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.

4. When should KI be taken?
You need to take KI before or just after you are exposed to radioiodine. You can also take it 3 or 4 hours later, but it will not be as helpful.

5. How will I know if I should take KI?
If there is an emergency, you will hear an announcement from your local or state health officials. Your local health department will tell you when you should start taking KI and they will also tell you when you can stop taking it.

6. Does KI work in all radiation emergencies?
KI will only protect you from radioactive iodine. It does not protect you from other kinds of radioactive material. KI works very well to protect your thyroid gland. However, it protects only your thyroid, not other parts of your body.

7. What will happen in an emergency?
You will be told what, if any, actions you should take to protect yourself. This might include leaving the area, staying inside with your windows closed and/or taking KI.

8. Can people have reactions to KI?
In general, most people who have taken KI have not had any reactions (side effects). If people did have a reaction, it did not last very long. In a few cases, babies had a reaction in their thyroids. Adults who had reactions had stomach problems or a rash. The federal government thinks the benefits of taking KI are much greater than the risks.

9. Are there some people who should not take KI?
Most people can take KI, but you should talk to your doctor before taking it. Talk to your doctor before an emergency occurs. It is not a good idea to take KI if you have certain medical conditions or problems. Babies need to be watched carefully if they take KI.

10. How much KI do I take?
The table below shows the smallest KI dose that different age groups can take which will protect the thyroid. KI comes in liquid, 65-mg tablets and 130-mg tablets. Since it is hard to cut many pills, the State Health Commissioner says that, in an emergency, it is safe for children at school or day care centers to take the whole pill. It’s better for children under 12 years old to take the 65-mg pill, but it is safe to take the 130-mg pill if that is the only one you have. For children or babies who cannot take pills, parents and care-givers can cut or crush the pill to make lower doses, or give the liquid form of KI.

Age Group KI Dosage Number: In (ml). milliliters of liquid

(65 mg/ml) Number of 65-mg tablets Number of 130-mg tablets
Adults over 18 years 130 mg 2 2 1
Over 12 – 18 years and over 150 pounds 130 mg 2 2 1
Over 12 – 18 years and less than 150 pounds 65 mg 1 1 1/2
Over 3 -12 years 65 mg 1 1 1/2
Over 1 month to 3 years 32 mg 0.5 1/2 1/4
Birth -1 month 16 mg 0.25 1/4 1/8


11. How often should KI be taken?
KI is helpful for about 24 hours. You should keep taking it once a day until the health department says to stop, or you are out of the emergency area.

12. Does KI come in liquid or pill form?
KI can come as a pill or a liquid. Pills are available in 65-mg or 130-mg doses. KI is also available as a liquid.

13. If KI has been stored for a while, is it still OK to use?
The manufacturers say KI stays “fresh” for 5-7 years. If you keep it in a dry, dark and cool place, it should last for many years.

14. Do you need a prescription to get KI?
No. You are allowed to get it over-the-counter.

15. Can KI be purchased at local pharmacies?
Yes, though it may not widely available in drugstores near you. Since it is not a prescription drug, you can buy it over the Internet. As with other drugs, make sure the KI you buy has been approved by the FDA. A supply of KI has been made available to people who live within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant in New York State . If you live within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant and did not receive KI, contact your local Office of Emergency Management.

Zeolites are so powerful they are even used in toxic dump and nuclear waste cleanup. Remember Chernobyl? They are using it now to eliminate all the radioactive toxins in the environment, with much success. It is a different more crude form that they use for these purposes. For human consumption, we have a purified form that is either liquid Zeolite or powdered Zeolite. Liquid Zeolites are fine, as they penetrate well into our tiny cellular structures to promote healing. Powdered Zeolites are also very good, particularly if they are micronized, for greater penetration. Use which ever is easiest for you to take, the important thing is that you have either form of Zeolite handy for any emergency!

Current research from the heart institute shows that when you combine Zeolites with Niacin and go on a morning jog, perform an exercise or sport where you are sweating, or even jump in a sauna, and you detox the heavy metals that are stored in your fat tissue. The niacin helps because it promotes lipolysis (fat loss) and leaves the toxins exposed for the zeolite to defuse and expunge it from your body. Make sure to drink at least a pint of water or more, and it will be flushed really quickly.

Start with one serving of zeolite to 100mg niacin (not flush free or slow release, the flushing action of niacin is necessary for fat loss). Work your way up from 100mg to 5000mg, slowly as needed. You will flush away more fat, bad LDL cholesterol (in fact it is much superior to all statin drugs period.) Click here to get this low dose niacin

ZEOLITE mineral will balance the pH in the body. A balanced pH environment will not allow foreign cells to grow. Zeolite is very powerful in boosting the body’s immune system. Zeolite has also been shown to stop diarrhea.

Liquid Zeolites were the first to be developed because they mix well in solutions and are easy to take. They are very effective at quickly reversing the effects of radiation poisoning, heavy metal exposure, harmful injections (mercury), chemtrails (aluminum, barium), and nuclear exposure too! Very powerful detoxifier. Have some on hand so you and your family will be safe no matter what the outside world is pumping into our air and bodies.

Take 3 to 4 drops every 1 to 2 hours diluted in 8 ounces of water if you want to alleviate severe health problems. You can also take 15 drops in water 3 to 4 times per day.

Dilute 3 drops with 8 ounces of water and apply this mixture directly to other areas of the body affected. Eyes, ears, skins and teeth can all be given a direct application of diluted Zeolite without harm.

According to the manufacturer, Zeolite is safe and all natural and you do not have to worry about an overdose. Any excess Zeolite in your body is eliminated within a few hours.

We all hope with this info published, some life could be safe.

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