About Me

Reverend Tan 才 师 傅 (Edwin)

Age 41 (2010). Have been into this feng shui consulting business for more than 13 years (2010)

Athough I am non mandarin educated, I have been blessed to learn lots of great teachings through chinese dialects via hokkien, cantonese and read as much available translated ancient feng shui, almost complete lopan / Luopan rings usage, San Qing / Mao Shan Taoism text.

Including Chinese / Western Medicine Philosophy. Especially in the area of natural diseases healing methods.

I am now stand confidently to assist those who have fated to use my services. Highly active in the local market and through the internet.

My service is highly sought by the local for Yin Burial Feng Shui Activation, Especially the Living Tomb Services (风 水 八 字 ,生 基 , 天 基)


My recent findings (SEP 2010) on the diseases healings have found a positive way for those diagnose with cancer, diabetes, strokes, uric acid pains, gout and skin diseases to have a NEW Hope. Many those closer to me had benefited from it. So it is time to share it out.

I call my finding Effective Healthcare System 长 寿 医 学 家

Virtually almost all human and pet diseases would have the solutions…. to know, simply add me to your list and read my health blog “here” then send me a private message about the health concerns… that’s all….

I believed is your luck that brings you here. There is one more step for you to complete your luck by knowing what i have to help mankind!

It has been proven based on thousands of each private individuals testimonial Internationally. We have collected numerous of local people feedback and is posted in my health blog “https://healdiseases.wordpress.com/” as well.

This is a site that change peoples LUCK! Share it with your Friends, you never knows, you might save someone life from doing it!

Rev Master Cai MH Contact; 6-019 441 5535
Email: fengshuibazimaster@ yahoo.com
Website for Luck: https://fengshuibazimaster.wordpress.com/
Website for Health: https://healdiseases.wordpress.com/
Website for Spirituals: http://monkeygod2u.wordpress.com


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