What is the best way to prevent mosquito dengue to infect your family;

What is the best way to prevent mosquito dengue to infect your family;

Never used the attracting device to kill mosquito, this will only increase the present of mosquito in your home.

Never used the mosquito repellent, this will only increase its populations.

Never used the mosquito spray inside to the house, the chemical killing mosquito will also be harmful to human in prolong exposure.

Used the only Traditional Method of controlling mosquito populations in your home, that is…

The Mosquito Coil, I used Ridsect with d-allethrin, of which been used in Africa to prevent Malaria Disease.

First, it kill mosquito without attracting mosquito from else where, it kills only those living around your home that pass by the burning coil area.

Since it is highly poison in nature… it can only be place outside your home area, never place in an area that family members are frequently moving over when the coil is burning.

Burn one coil each evening day until you get less biting from mosquito in your home,

Once you feel your home is having less mosquito biting, burn once or twice a week will be sufficient to control mosquito population around your home and provide safe living.

This mosquito coil is so cheap and effective. When everyone do it, the Dengue or Whatever Transmitted Diseases Danger the mosquito can carry will be minimized so much.

Another way to improved living that Authority is forgotten.

Hope this help you!

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