Beta Glucan, Food for Healing

Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka Research Scientist on Beta Glucan.

Everyone need it during Healing Diseases with Alternative Therapy.


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What is the best way to prevent mosquito dengue to infect your family;

What is the best way to prevent mosquito dengue to infect your family;

Never used the attracting device to kill mosquito, this will only increase the present of mosquito in your home.

Never used the mosquito repellent, this will only increase its populations.

Never used the mosquito spray inside to the house, the chemical killing mosquito will also be harmful to human in prolong exposure.

Used the only Traditional Method of controlling mosquito populations in your home, that is…

The Mosquito Coil, I used Ridsect with d-allethrin, of which been used in Africa to prevent Malaria Disease.

First, it kill mosquito without attracting mosquito from else where, it kills only those living around your home that pass by the burning coil area.

Since it is highly poison in nature… it can only be place outside your home area, never place in an area that family members are frequently moving over when the coil is burning.

Burn one coil each evening day until you get less biting from mosquito in your home,

Once you feel your home is having less mosquito biting, burn once or twice a week will be sufficient to control mosquito population around your home and provide safe living.

This mosquito coil is so cheap and effective. When everyone do it, the Dengue or Whatever Transmitted Diseases Danger the mosquito can carry will be minimized so much.

Another way to improved living that Authority is forgotten.

Hope this help you!

Want to know why i know so much about Health, help people with cancer from Malaysia to seek an understanding cancer healing from me and you will know me…..

The Hope from Herbs.

Herbal Remedies is always a good choice to tried before more side effects methods were used. Herbal Remedies is also a good choice to go before giving up hope.

Sitting still and do nothing will always end with sufferings. Trying new option is always increase one chances and hope.


No one knows everything. So don’t try to judge!

Health Advisory Service

It has been years this site has not been updated with new informations.

The reasons was that I am too busy with my work and study to improved my knowledge that I hope will served mankind who has no resources to solved their health issues.

Whatever health issues you had that need an experienced alternative practitioner advices can now submit your request to me.

There is fee base charges for the answer one seek. We only charge when there is real quality answer could be given to you to solved your concern.

We sell no products for healing.

We want to empower every individuals to take charge of their own health by giving the best informations to solved your concern.

We want the conventional medical to come up real healings for mankind and not selling diseases Maintainence solutions where by making people sufferings.

Note: We are not training a new practitioner here, we guide one to solved their own health issues.

We cover so wide range of health issues knowledge that we have known is proven.

Contact me if you want to know if your health issues is fill with great hope of reversing it or not. Time for differences in health management.

Grounding / Earthing Testimonial 11

Another great Testimonial from a close buddy, as when there is leg pain, it was healed easily using our Grounding Mat.

Another good buddy also feel better using our Grounding Mat, now she buy two more for her lovely parent to used. This is a very simple but effective solutions for basic good health.

Grounding Mat could be the best present for our love one. Make it your present for your love one if you want them to feel better.

Grounding Mat also help new born baby grow and sleep better and healthier.

Latest Grounding Mats Outlets.

Here is the latest outlets that you can purchase your Grounding Mats.

Just opposite Golden Sand Resort.

Georgetown Pharmacy
1-3G, Eden Parade, Jln Sg Emas, 11100 Batu ferringhi, Penang. Malaysia.
Tel: 04-8811628



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